As the owner of a dog or cat, you likely give them a balanced diet along with plenty of exercises to keep them healthy. In addition to that, some owners provide various supplements to their pets. One supplement that’s growing in popularity is cannabidiol, also known as CBD. If you’re thinking about giving your pet CBD oil, it’s best to learn as much as you can about it so you feel confident in your decision. Here are some facts about CBD oil, including its effects on a pet and its benefits to a pet’s health.

What Is CBD Oil?

CBD is an element that comes from the cannabis plant. It’s extracted from the plant so it can be consumed in its purest form. When you think of CBD oil, you may also think of THC, which is also taken from a cannabis plant. However, CBD and THC are different things. THC is known for its psychoactive elements while CBD is not. This brings us to the next question.

Can My Pet Get High from Taking CBD Oil?

The answer is no. THC is what gives a pet (or a person) a high. CBD doesn’t have the same properties, so it won’t give your dog or cat high.

The Benefits of CBD Oil for a Pet

Now that you know your pet won’t get high from CBD oil, let’s look at this substance to evaluate its benefits for your beloved dog or cat. You may find great value in this supplement for your pet.

Pain Relief

Pain relief is one of the main reasons why many pet owners opt to give their beloved friend CBD oil. A pet owner may have a senior dog with arthritis. The CBD oil travels to the inflamed joints or muscles to provide arthritis relief to an older dog. Other causes of pain in pets are a result of an injury, overused muscles or damaged nerves.

Relief from Anxiety

Some dog breeds are more nervous and anxious than others. Perhaps you own a dog breed that is known for its high-strung personality. The environment you live in may also be a source of anxiety for your pet. Maybe you live in a city with lots of cars honking and tires squealing. These noises bother your cat or dog causing it to be anxious.

Or, perhaps you have an animal you adopted from an animal shelter. The dog or cat may have experienced abuse by a former owner and is anxious as a result.

Regardless of the reasons behind your pet’s anxiety, CBD oil can help. CBD oil affects serotonin levels in a pet’s brain and improves its mood causing it to relax.

Many pet owners use CBD oil when they know there will be fireworks activity in their neighborhood. If they have a dog or cat that is afraid of the cracking and booming sounds, the CBD oil can serve to soothe them.

Relief from Nausea Due to Cancer Medicines

A pet who is receiving treatment for cancer may experience nausea from the treatment. CBD oil can help to relieve that nausea so your pet can eat and get the nourishment it needs to build up its immune system again.

Appetite Stimulation

CBD oil can work in a pet’s brain to stimulate hunger receptors. This can be helpful if a pet is suffering from a chronic health condition and doesn’t eat enough. Or, a pet may be recovering from an injury and has had a change in diet. CBD oil can stir up the pet’s appetite and get it used to its new dietary routine.

Treating Skin Issues

Does your dog or cat have dry skin? If so, it probably scratches a lot causing fur loss, irritation and redness. CBD oil is helpful at relieving dry skin issues in pets. It can soothe the area where the dry skin is present. This reduces your pet’s scratching activity, allowing the skin to heal and fur to regrow.

Relief from Epileptic Seizures

A dog or cat with epilepsy suffers seizures. There can be dozens of seizures per day or just a few. Either way, CBD oil has been found to lessen the amount of seizures in a pet with epilepsy.

The Amount of CBD Oil to Give Your Pet

The amount of CBD oil you give your pet depends on your pet’s health condition as well as its age. Consulting with your veterinarian on the amount of CBD oil that’s appropriate for your pet is always a good idea.

How to Give CBD to Your Pet Capsules

There are several ways for people to ingest CBD. It’s no different for your pet. Some CBD is sold in capsule form so you can mix it into your pet’s food.


Some companies make dog treats made with CBD in them. This makes it easy to give your dog CBD, because the treats look like any other treat you would offer your pet.

Topical Form

Some CBD is available as a salve or lotion you can rub onto your dog or cat’s skin. This may be a favorable option if your dog or cat doesn’t mind a massage and having a bit of salve on their bare skin.

Oil Form

Of course, CBD is available in drops that you can put onto your pet’s food or add to its water. This is another easy way to make sure your pet gets its dose on schedule.

Lastly, CBD oil is a supplement that can help pets with a variety of health issues. Many pet owners appreciate the fact that their pet can get a large degree of relief by taking a natural supplement.

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