In recent years, CBD has been used to treat everything from migraines to chronic pain to insomnia to depression and anxiety. Often hailed as a safe, all-natural alternative to pharmaceutical remedies, CBD oil offers the benefits of prescription medication without the harmful side effects. It’s affordable, available just about everywhere, and can be ordered online with just a few clicks of a button. As human usage of CBD oil has skyrocketed, many have started to wonder: can CBD be used to treat my pets and their ailments? Or is this another treat that’s reserved only for humans, like chocolate and cookie dough?

In fact, CBD can be an excellent remedy for animals suffering from chronic pain, seizures, or anxiety. If you’ve tried every medication you can think of and still can’t find relief for your pet, it might be time to talk to your vet about ordering the dosage of CBD oil. CBD for animals is specially manufactured to give them the right dosage for their unique physiology. It’s safe, has few (if any) side effects, and can be administered through treats or a liquid. If you’re thinking about trying CBD oil for your pet, here’s everything you need to know about this all-natural remedy.

How Can CBD Benefit my Pet?

In many ways, CBD for pets is essentially the same as CBD for humans. It’s ingested in (mostly) the same way, it comes from the same brands who make regular CBD products, and it treats the same types of ailments. If your pet’s struggling with chronic pain, a dose of CBD can alleviate the symptoms of arthritis, inflammation, and the joint and mobility issues that come with old age. CBD can also help pets who are nearing the end of their lives and need more extensive pain management.

Does your dog hide under the bed every time fireworks go off? Is your cat jittery and nervous around new people? Most of us wouldn’t think of our pets as “anxious,” but mental health issues can strike animals just as easily as they can strike humans. CBD can help soothe your pet’s anxious nerves and help them feel more comfortable in unexpected situations. It can also help pets with separation anxiety relax (and stop tearing up the furniture) every time you leave the house.

CBD for pets can also be used to treat seizures. Seizure medication does exist, but it’s not always effective and can have harmful side effects. If your vet approves, try giving your pet a dose of CBD to help prevent seizures. CBD can also be used to improve your pet’s appetite and relieve nausea, and even treat certain types of cancer. If you’re concerned with end-of-life care, CBD might be the best option to keep your pet comfortable in their final months.

How Do I Give My Pet CBD Oil?

If you’ve ever tried forcing a pill down your animal’s throat, you know what a nightmare that can be. Fortunately, CBD for pets comes in a wide range of products that make giving your pet their daily dosage a breeze. You can buy CBD-infused treats and chews that come in pet-friendly flavors like bacon, cheese, and sweet potato. Some stores even offer CBD-infused peanut butter that dogs love. If you’d prefer to stick with the traditional CBD droplets, you can trickle the liquid into your pet’s mouth or drizzle it over their food. You can also buy balms and tinctures that can be applied directly to the skin.

Most experts recommend starting with the lowest possible dose. Give it a “trial run” for a couple of weeks. If your pet isn’t seeing any positive effects, try increasing the dose or talk to your vet about other options. CBD isn’t a magic “cure-all” that treats everything, but it should increase your animal’s quality of life.

What makes CBD for Animals Different From CBD for Humans?

CBD oil for animals is essentially the same recipe as the CBD oil you might have sitting around on your counter. But before you give your pet a few drops from your own stock, do your research to make sure you’re giving them the proper dosage. CBD for animals is specially formulated to give them a low dose that’s suited for their unique biology. Some traditional CBD products also contain trace amounts of THC–while you might not see the effects, even small amounts of THC can be harmful to animals. Talk to your vet before starting any kind of medical regimen with your pet.

Products for animals are also formulated to make them easy to dispense. You might not have much luck trickling a few drops down your pet’s throat, but pet treats and chews make it fun and easy to give your pet their daily dosage.

Will CBD Oil Make My Pet High?

CBD oil for animals is completely free of THC, which is the compound that causes the “high” sensation in humans. It’s not like catnip–your pet won’t act loopy after they get their dosage.

Where Can I Find CBD Oil for My Pet?

If you’re ready to take the plunge, there are countless online CBD suppliers to choose from. However, do your research to make sure that you’re giving your pet a natural, high-quality product. Some CBD vendors sell products that are cut with potentially harmful chemicals or additives. Make sure you’re buying products that are made of pure, top-shelf CBD that are guaranteed safe for animals.

If you’ve got a local CBD store in your city, don’t be afraid to drop in and see if they’ve got any products for animals. But be wary of anyone who claims you can give your pet “regular” CBD–while the formulas are similar, gummies and treats for humans can contain sugars and additives that are harmful to your pets.

CBD products are generally affordable, with quality products usually available for $40 or less. You don’t have to drain your bank account to treat your pet, but don’t go with the cheapest option, either. Cheap products are usually not made from pure CBD.

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