What is better than jumping into the water on a hot, sunny day? Going to the swimming pool with friends and family is a great way to spend quality time and let the kids exercise and play. The health and wellness of our loved ones will be improved all while having fun.

Here are some interesting benefits to spending time at the pool:

It’s great for your mental health.

Swimming allows you to detach from the modern technology-driven lifestyles we have. In addition, it releases feel-good hormones, which reduce stress and anxiety, and this means you would feel more relaxed.

It’s great for your body.

In addition to your mind, your body will be grateful for the time you spent in the water. It is a low-impact exercise that means your joints are not under so much strain as exercising outside of the pool. It’s a great aerobic exercise and will build strength and tone your muscles. Swimming also serves as an aide to recover after injury, and it’s a great exercise to maintain or boost your fitness levels.

You will sleep more soundly.

What a wonderful feeling it is when you drift off to sleep after a fun-filled day in the sun. Swimming helps your mind to shut off and increases both your quality and duration of sleep.

It increases your IQ

A recent study showed that children who began swimming at an early age were better with certain activities than the normal developmental curve. Additionally, they had an advantage at mastering language and math. It also helped improve motor skills and physical literacy.

Swimming enhances your social skills.

Whether you are in the water or reading a book on the pool deck, be sure to acknowledge the social benefits of a day at the pool. Swimming has amazing benefits in the social vertical like building confidence, enhancing skills needed for teamwork, the interaction between children and adults in and around the pool means better social skills. As a result, the bond between families and friends is stronger, resulting in better emotional security and a sense of belonging.

Learn how to reach goals in the pool.

Swimming and most of the games that go along with it have a very interesting benefit. It teaches individuals and groups how to set and reach goals. This life skill will be one to draw on throughout your entire life. The fact that you can teach your kids this necessary skill in a fun environment just makes it so much better.

Here are some interesting games to play:

Beach Ball Game

Super Simple — This is just a game from one side of the pool to the other, but there are beach balls. Each child receives a beach ball and pushes it to the other side. The first one there wins, or the silliest swim wins. It’s however you want to play the game.

Marco Polo animal noise

This classic is especially popular with young children. It’s like the Marco Polo game that you already like, but with the sound of animals, which makes it very stupid. A swimmer closed his eyes and said the name of an animal, namely “monkey.” Then all other swimmers must respond with the sound of a monkey to show their position. Use different animals in each round.

Table tennis ball game

Playing with ping pong balls in the pool is very interesting. Buy a large bag that is usually available for only a few dollars, and then throw them all in the pool at once. All the children jumped to pick them up. The child with the biggest collection wins.

Noodle Joust

Children love this game because it will never be allowed in the house. Two children sit on their parents’ shoulders or older children and compete with each other in the pool. The goal is to use the pool noodles to knock the other person off their parent’s shoulders.

Coin Dive

This game is like the ping pong ball game, but with coins. They will sink to the bottom of the pool instead of floating on the water. Just put a lot of change in the swimming pool and let your kids fetch it. The one who collects the most money wins.

Do not forget basic pool safety:

  • Wear sunscreen. It is important to take care of your skin.
  • Do not swim alone or without adult supervision. Accidents happen, and it’s just safer to know someone is there to keep an eye on you.

Always make sure there are floating devices nearby. Even strong swimmers can get into a difficult situation. Floating devices will help if someone is having trouble keeping their head above water.

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