CBD is a compound found in hemp and cannabis. Its full name is cannabidiol. Unlike marijuana, CBD doesn’t contain delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, which has psychoactive properties that cause the “high” feeling that people get after smoking marijuana. CBD helps alleviate the side effects and symptoms of many health conditions, including depression, anxiety, insomnia, glaucoma, and dozens of others. Since the legalization of marijuana began across the U.S. several years ago, CBD has become equally as popular. Many people use CBD to treat their health complaints and concerns, but could it provide your pet with the same benefits?

CBD for Pets

The popularity of CBD is growing amongst pet owners looking for safe, all-natural, more affordable options to offer their beloved furry friends. Let’s face it, those veterinarian visits are expensive and the medications they prescribe are equally devastating to the budget. CBD is a cost-effective, safe solution that eases many health complaints.

CBD is available in several forms, although most experts agree that oil is best. Proper dosing is easy when using an oil. Research is critical should you plan on giving your pet CBD. Since it is an unregulated market, not every product you see sitting on a shelf is safe or effective. Research helps distinguish the good suppliers from the bad and eases any concerns that you may have about giving your pet CBD.

CBD for Dogs

CBD isn’t FDA-regulated, so there are no formal studies concerning its effects on either humans or dogs. Even still, scientists do know through their research that CBD benefits the endocannabinoid receptors located in the nervous system. This helps the body maintain its normal balance and keep it in a healthy, normal state. It works on both humans and dogs.

Scientists say that CBD for dogs is safe and effective as long as it doesn’t contain THC, which can be harmful to your pet. Since most CBD is hemp-derived, this isn’t a big concern. It’s best used to treat pain, particularly neuropathic pain, in dogs. It’s also beneficial in helping control seizures. Many pet owners also use CBD oil for their pet because it has great anti-inflammatory properties and alleviates anxiety.

A few potential side effects may occur when giving CBD to your pet, based on research that determines how it affects humans. The possible side effects are minimal and non-life threatening. Dry mouth is the most common complaint, while drowsiness and lowered blood pressure are two additional possibilities. Keep an eye on your pet after they take CBD and contact the veterinarian if you notice unusual changes in your pet’s behavior.

CBD for Cats

Cats and dogs may not get along, but they both can benefit from CBD. The biggest difference between cats and dogs taking CBD is the potential side effects, although cat owners should know that the risks are minimal. Gastrointestinal changes or pain is the biggest potential side effect for cats using CBD, although it’s usually treated by simply discontinuing use. Drowsiness is a potential side effect that both furry friends may experience when using CBD products. Don’t buy the first CBD product you see and avoid purchases from gas stations or other risky locations.

Kittens and cats of all ages benefit from CBD. Since they’re usually small animals, a little bit of CBD oil goes a long way with a cat. Many cat owners say that CBD works better than other treatments and saves a tremendous amount of money every month. It’s most beneficial in the treatment of anxiety. It’s best to talk to your vet about CBD oil for your cat to ensure you get the most accurate, up-to-date information.

Should You Give Your Pets CBD?

Choosing to give your pet CBD is a decision only you can make with the advice of your animal’s veterinarian. It’s easy to use and more affordable than many of the alternative treatments for conditions like arthritis, anxiety, and other aches and pains. It’s also relatively safe in comparison to many of the prescription drugs on the market made for pets. Furthermore, CBD is legal, so buying it is easy, regardless of the state you call home. Be mindful of the CBD that you buy, however. Only CBD that contains 0.3% THC or less is legal. This is also the only safe type of CBD to give to your pets. CBD has a myriad of benefits for pets, but other treatments are also available if you aren’t comfortable with this one. Only make the CBD transition if it’s one that you are confident in making.

Ready to Use CBD Oil for Pets?

Talk to your veterinarian to decide if CBD is a good treatment option for your pet. Your pet’s veterinarian can provide information that helps you safely offer CBD to your pet. Furthermore, research goes a long way when it’s time to find a great CBD product. Research the available products before buying and ask your vet for recommendations. Choose a CBD product that is transparent with their product ingredients and information. The more information the company offers, the more confidence you gain in their product. Choose industry-recommended brands and names that friends, coworkers, and others suggest. Organic is best since it does not contain solvents, pesticides, or fungicides. The more expensive the CBD, the higher the quality – so keep this in mind as you shop.

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