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The overdose statistics in the United States can be scary when looking at different drugs. With so many articles discussing the hazards of prescription overdoses, it’s no wonder that there is a current panic over all substances that may alter the mind. Since CBD is growing in popularity, it is only natural to be curious about the safety of its use.

What Is CBD?

CBD can be found in almost any convenient store or market, depending on where you live. Whether it is marketed in a gummy bear form or tincture, the ingredient is used for many different physical and emotional purposes.

CBD stands for cannabidiol. This chemical is a compound from the cannabis plant, also known as marijuana. Although both marijuana and CBD are from the same plant, the effects are different.

The Difference between THC and

Marijuana contains THC. This is the main active ingredient that creates a psychoactive experience for those who use it. THC can create an out-of-body experience that binds receptors in the brain. By consuming THC, time and memory perception may be distorted, depending on how much is used and by what method. While some people experience a euphoric feeling from either smoking or ingesting THC, others can experience extreme anxiety. Side effects, such as tachycardia and short term memory issues, are common.

CBD does not include THC; therefore, no psychoactive effects are felt. Although the euphoric effect may be absent, experiencing a mind alteration is not uncommon. Different people react in different ways to CBD, but the effects of THC are not there. Because CBD does not elevate heart rate or create paranoia, those who are prone to panic attacks often prefer using CBD to ease physical pain or manage anxiety.

Do Overdoses Occur when Using CBD?

You cannot overdose by using CBD. The World Health Organization states that CBD is generally well tolerated. Although there are no reported fatalities or overdoses from using CBD, like most substances, it does have side effects. Sleepiness and changes in appetite were the commonly reported “symptoms” from using high amounts of CBD.

What Is an Average Dose of CBD?

Regulating CBD is a relatively new process. Since there are many ways to ingest CBD, dosages can also vary. In addition to how CBD is used, each person may benefit from a different dose, depending on specific health factors.

Body weight and chemistry are often a personalized issue when deciding how much CBD to use. Those who use CBD for physical ailments may prefer a higher or lower dose than those who use it for depression or anxiety. Depending on the intent and the physical makeup of the person, the dosage will be impacted.

If you have physical or psychiatric conditions that may concern you while taking CBD, talking to a doctor can help when deciding the right dose. Certain prescription medications contain CBD as well. For seizures, CBD is generally taken in pill form under the pharmaceutical name, Epidiolex.

Different Types of CBD

There is a wide array of CBD products available. Each product may use slightly different doses or measurements to weigh dosages. CBD products can be ingested by way of gummies, pills, capsules, and tinctures, depending on the preferred method of intake. Dosages for all of these forms are usually measured in mg.

CBD oil can be easily measured for the appropriate dose. Because this oil comes with a dropper, each drop should contain a certain amount of CBD oil for ingestion. Most droppers measure .05 milliliters per drop, making a 10-ml bottle worthy of 200 total drops. CBD oil can also be successfully used in food by using the dropper method. By measuring the dose in drops, it can be accurately parceled into something edible if the taste of pure CBD isn’t a preferred flavor.

Side Effects of Using CBD

While there is no way to overdose on CBD, there are common side effects that have been reported when using very high doses. That being said, many people who use even 300 mg every day for several months still find minimal side effects.

Dry mouth and changes in appetite are among the most common side effects. Similar to the physical effects of marijuana, those who use CBD can experience either an increase or a decrease in hunger. Dry mouth generally lasts approximately one hour after ingesting the CBD product.

More serious side effects may include lightheadedness and low blood pressure. Drinking water and staying hydrated regularly is always recommended for those who inhale smoke. Drowsiness is another common side effect. Although this is not dangerous on its own, driving vehicles or operating heavy machinery while using CBD oil or gummies is not advised. In a few very rare cases, injury to the liver has been reported. In those cases, high levels of CBD were used on a regular basis.

Pregnancy and CBD

Currently, there is not enough information about using CBD in any form when related to pregnancy. For this reason, using CBD while breastfeeding or while currently pregnant may best be discussed with a doctor for the safety of the individuals who are ingesting it.

The Safety of CBD Products

Although CBD products may come in varying forms, its safety is relatively well documented. Whether you are using CBD oil, gummies, or prescription pills, it cannot cause a fatal overdose. Proper dosage should be considered for those who are likely to experience low blood pressure. By starting off with a low mg formula, symptoms such as dry mouth or dizziness are much less likely to occur.

Unlike THC, CBD also does not cause extreme anxiety or paranoia. Those who may be prone to panic attacks are usually not at risk when using CBD.

For those who want both the physical and emotional benefits from the cannabis plant without the side effects of THC, CBD is the preferred method of ingestion, especially for those who experience tachycardia. By reducing the level of intensity that marijuana provides, those who use CBD can focus on healing in a safe and calming way.

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