More than two-thirds of Americans are pet owners. This includes all animals from dogs to cats to birds and all of the other little creatures available for “pet-ship.” We all know we will do whatever it takes to keep our pet family members as happy and healthy as possible.

We all provide extras for our friend – be it a bone, a personalized collar, special meals, or health products to promote wellness. One of the sure and tried health supplements is CBD oil.

Since CBD offers a wide range of benefits for health, the oil has recently become very popular among humans as well as pets. Many people are pleased to discover that researchers are discovering that a number of benefits can promote the health of our pet friends.

Studies on using CBD oil with dogs and cats is still in its early stages. To date, the research results are very promising. Our pets, given CBD oil, appear to see a relief in anxiety. It has also been noted that pain has been reduced as well as inflammation. In addition, the oil offers an overall boost to their immune system.

CBD, also known as cannabidiol, is a chemical compound that naturally occurs in the cannabis plant. It is extracted by manufacturers by using carbon dioxide to remove the oil from the plant. It absorbs the CBD as the solvent passes through the plant. Once it has been extracted, the solvent evaporates. It then results in a totally concentrated form of pure CBD. CBD oil does not contain any psychoactive properties. Therefore, it will not give your pet a “high” feeling and is legal throughout the United States. Due to its makeup, it offers an excellent supplement for any person and/or their pet who seek an all-natural supplement.

The endocannabinoid system (ECS), which is found in humans, cats, and dogs, regulates bodily functions. It keeps the functions in a balanced state. This includes the pain response, appetite, mood, and more.

The ECS consists of three main parts: cannabinoid receptors, enzymes, and endocannabinoids. When humans or pets take CBD, the added cannabinoids increase their internal endocannabinoid numbers. This results in boosting the effectiveness of the ECS. For example, assume your pet has a low appetite, the ECS will help it to improve. Another example, your pet becomes nervous on the Fourth of July due to the loud noises from fireworks. The CBD, via the ECS, helps to calm the pet.

Depending on the particular issue your pet is dealing with, the CBD binds to the specific receptors. This interaction then helps their ECS to regulate pain perception and help to regulate inflammation better. The result is a lift in your pet’s mood while reducing anxiety. Another fantastic use for CBD oil is that there is evidence it blocks GPR55 signaling. This may help to slow the cell reproduction of cancer.

Studies have found that CBD can help to relieve many feline and canine issues. Some of them are shown below.

Chronic Pain and Inflammation

CBD targets the inflamed area where your pet is having pain. This might be a result of old joints and hips, arthritis, nerves, or something different. It also works with serotonin production. This results in helping to boost their mood and relieve their feelings of pain. A recent small study revealed that taking a 3mg/kg dose of CBD twice daily helped to increase movement while reducing pain in dogs suffering from osteoarthritis.


Your dog may suffer from separation anxiety. S/he may become nervous during loud thunderstorms or suffer from other forms of anxiety. Your dog and cat probably become nervous when going to see the vet. If you give your pet CBD before leaving home, this can help to relieve their anxiety before they face any stressful situation. It acts to calm them while also boosting their mood.


Your dog or cat may have seizures. Some of the drugs given to treat the condition can harm their energy levels and their mood. This can often lead to worse situations such as kidney or heart failure. CBD has been very effective in helping to reduce the frequency of seizures in your pet.

Cancer and Related Nausea

Some medications prescribed to your cat or dog suffering from cancer cause nausea. CBD offers a significant reduction in nausea. This results in improving their quality of life. Some studies reveal that CBD can possibly slow or inhibit the growth of cancer cells.

Skin and Fur Problems

If your pet suffers from itchy, dry, or irritated skin, CBD can improve their condition. Aside from soothing their skin, CBD can also make their fur shinier, stronger, and softer.

Appetite Stimulus

If your dog or cat suffers from a chronic illness, you have probably frequently changed his or her diet. Often, pets have a difficult time adjusting to a new diet. This may cause your pet to lose their appetite. This makes it more difficult for your pet to remain healthy or to deal with other problems resulting from the illness. CBD assists in boosting the appetite. This results in enabling your cat or dog to adjust to their new diet while maintaining a healthy weight.

CBD is available in several formats, aside from just oils. Your pet can be given CBD in one of the following ways:

  • CBD Oil Tinctures – an oil, and a dropper
  • CBD Capsules – similar to other pills you may give your pet
  • CBD Dog Treats – these are a treat containing CBD
  • CBD Topicals – these are balms, salves, and topical sprays

CBD oil tinctures are the fastest acting of the above methods. They allow CBD to enter your dog’s bloodstream directly when placed under the tongue. This method is best for treating acute conditions such as anxiety caused by a thunderstorm.

If your pet is healthy and does not face any health issues, a daily dose of CBD supplement can act as a great preventative medication. You can look at it like a human taking a daily vitamin to remain healthy while the vitamin, just like a CBD supplement, helps to balance mood, overall physical health, and energy level.

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