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Around the globe, more than 300 million individuals suffer from depression each year. Additionally, more than 264 million suffer from anxiety. Sadly, these mental health problems often run together. These issues can be devastating to deal with daily, and they can range from mild to completely crippling.

Desperate people have tried medications, counseling, or a combination of both, and they still cannot find relief. However, many are turning to CBD for anxiety and depression to combat the horrible symptoms and to find much-needed relief.

Understanding Depression

It’s normal to feel down or have the blues at some point in life. However, when these low feelings don’t go away, then it may be depression. Having constant feelings of hopelessness is not normal. If left untreated, depression can last months or even years. It’s diagnosed as a mood disorder that can greatly impact your ability to work, develop or maintain relationships, and live a normal life.

Depression is felt differently by each person. Some want to sleep all day while others can’t stop crying. Generally, it’s a loss of interest in things that once pleased you as well as a lack of energy. When long periods of hopelessness occur, then it can be followed by thoughts of suicide. Many people don’t realize that they suffer from depression until it’s pointed out by others, or they hit rock bottom.

CBD Oil Can Help with Depression

CBD is derived from the cannabis plant, and it has grown in popularity. It has many health benefits, but one major advantage is that it’s known to help with depression. CBD helps to boost the endocannabinoid system or ECS, which is the system that has a direct effect on depression.

During a depressive state, this system becomes damaged. CBD boosts the lacking function to return to normal levels of operation. When there are more endocannabinoids present in the body, then the ECS can operate at an ideal level. There is significant evidence that suggests that CBD holds great potential in treating depression.

The effects of acute or chronic stress are well-founded. Being in a constant state of angst can cause both depression and anxiety. Thankfully, CBD can significantly reduce general stress responses, which can alleviate these painful mental health issues.

Can CBD Help the Brain to Grow?

Have you ever heard of hippocampal neurogenesis? Well, the hippocampus area is responsible for causing a person to feel depression and anxiety. However, there are no medical studies that show that using CBD regularly can promote the neurogenesis of this area. When neurons grow within the brain, they help to reduce the crippling pains of mental illness.

A test study used mice. They were put under high stress, and their levels were documented. After the introduction of CBD, the levels marked improvement of the hippocampal area, which was positive for neurogenesis. Findings show that the endocannabinoid system plays a significant role in the neurogenesis of the hippocampal region, especially when exposed to CBD. Is there a promising link to CBD for anxiety and depression treatment? All studies point out that there is a significant improvement when using CBD than with antidepressants alone.

Is Inflammation and Depression Linked?

It’s often been a topic for great debate that inflammation may play a significant role in depression and anxiety. The amount of inflammation in the body can be a determining factor in whether a treatment option will work. Shockingly, 45 percent of the people who suffer from depression and anxiety also have high levels of inflammation in their bodies. The sedation rate, or sed rate test, can tell doctors just how much inflammation is in the body and if there is cause for alarm.

Could using a test like the sedation rate be a good predictor of whether an antidepressant may work for a person? Not only can CBD help to stimulate growth in parts of the brain, but it can help to rid inflammatory issues. One of the hallmarks of this herbal treatment is that it’s excellent when used as an anti-inflammatory drug. Though more research is needed, it’s undoubtedly a positive analysis that shows a direct link with depression and inflammation.

Depression can often cause a person to sink to ultimate lows. Suicide is the 10th major cause of death in this country, and over 50 percent of the people that take their life suffer from depression. For many, finding relief from their despair is a matter of life and death. The problem is severe, and it requires urgent attention.

Does CBD make a difference? Studies were conducted on suicide rates in states that legalized cannabis. Shockingly, those states showed lower suicide rates than the ones that still have regulations making it illegal. The difference was a decline of 11 percent for men and five percent for women. Another interesting fact is that those states that allow cannabis also have a lower rate of alcohol addiction.

It’s possible that consuming cannabis or CBD to combat depression can also soothe the depression enough to where people don’t need to self-medicate with alcohol or other drugs. Still, there is a great deal of research that needs to be done on this topic.

Final Thoughts

The problem with depression and anxiety continues to grow from coast to coast. Antidepressants only fix the problem for some people, and others blow through every pill on the market, still finding no relief. The results look promising that CBD may be able to help fill in the gaps where medications don’t work.

Many show dramatic improvement in their symptoms with a regular regimen of CBD. Though research on the topics is widely lacking, there is increased interest in the subject. The studies that have been done show promising results that cannot be ignored. Using CBD for anxiety and depression may be one of the smartest and safest ways to treat these common ailments.

As a natural product, there are no crippling side effects that are often observed with using prescription medications. The public is gradually shifting their opinion on using CBD and cannabis to help combat medical problems.

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