Delta 8 THC vs CBD

Hemp-derived products are taking the stage of the wellness market, and CBD is no longer the only cannabinoid grabbing wellness enthusiasts’ attention. Delta 8 THC, a less psychoactive hemp-derived variant of THC, has emerged on the scene, and now it’s widely available in different forms like oils, edibles, softgels, and vape products. Do you wonder if it is better than the famous CBD and how to choose what’s best for you? Here is everything you need to know.

Cannabinoids and the Endocannabinoid System (ECS)

Cannabinoids like CBD and Delta 8 THC are popular primarily because of the endocannabinoid system (ECS), which plays a crucial role in many bodily processes, including pain, memory, and homeostasis.

Cannabis-derived cannabinoids like CBD and THC, due to their similarity with endocannabinoids, can interact with ECS receptors in the brain and immune system, resulting in various outcomes and setting the stage for the pharmaceutical cannabinoid industry. However, although it might be the case in the future, CBD and Delta 8 THC are not drugs, and the only FDA-approved prescription CBD drug is Epidipolex.

Today, people use medical marijuana to treat various diseases. It is legal in 38 states. Medical marijuana is a type of cannabis Sativa plant with high amounts of psychoactive cannabinoid – Delta 9 THC. Delta 8 THC is its younger, lesser-known sibling, with lower psychoactivity than Delta 9 THC and derives from a federally legal hemp plant.

What is Delta 8 THC?

THC is a famous psychoactive cannabinoid responsible for marijuana’s high, but there are different THC variations. Until now, We knew only about Delta 9 THC, the active ingredient in marijuana, because it’s one of the most abundant cannabinoids in cannabis. Its analog Delta 8 THC is a rarer cannabinoid that reaches only 1% in mature hemp, which was not enough for manufacturers to extract its usable amounts. Thanks to advanced extraction and conversion methods, extractors can now convert CBD extract to Delta 8 THC using isomerization. The process has allowed for the Delta 8 THC market to emerge. Delta 8 THC is almost identical to Delta 9 THC, only it has a double bond 8th carbon chain, unlike Delta 9, which has it on the 9th chain.

Delta 8 THC Delta 9 THC

Beyond their chemical structure, there are two other primary differences between Delta 8 THC and Delta 9 THC: their source and the effects they produce.

Delta 8 THC is hemp-derivative, while Delta 9 THC reaches high amounts in marijuana and only a trace amount in hemp.

Most importantly, Delta-8-THC is less psychoactive than Delta 9THC in marijuana, producing milder symptoms without common side effects of marijuana.

Delta 8 THC vs. CBD

Although these two cannabinoids coincide in their source, they differ in many ways. For example, Delta 8 THC, unlike CBD, is rare in hemp, so manufacturers use CBD extract to convert its molecules to Delta 8 THC. Besides, CBD is non-psychoactive, while Delta 8 THC is. Another difference is their legality. Even though both cannabinoids are hemp-derived, and technically they are federally legal with 0.3% Delta 9 THC, some states have banned Delta 8 THC products even when hemp-derived due to its psychoactive nature. Some argue it’s a synthetic cannabinoid, but as it naturally occurs in hemp, it doesn’t qualify as synthetic, regardless of the production method.

The 2018 Farm Bill made hemp and its derivatives with a limited THC amount of 0.3% legal for purchase and consumption. Unless states have explicitly included Delta 8 THC in law and made it illegal, Delta 8 THC is technically legal on a federal level. It’s always best to check local laws and see if the state you live in has criminalized Delta 8 THC to avoid any trouble.

Another difference is that Delta 8 THC, like Delta 9 THC binds to and interacts with CB1 and CB2 receptors providing euphoric feelings. CBD doesn’t bind to these receptors but indirectly affects them without causing a psychoactive experience.

Delta 8 THC vs. CBD How to Choose?

Now that consumers can choose between two hemp-derived cannabinoids, a new debate has come up – which one is the best to choose?

Whether CBD or Delta 8 THC is the best choice depends on your goals and needs. When you wish to experience a mild high, then Delta 8 THC is the way to go, but if searching for a non-psychoactive experience, CBD is a better choice. If you want to try them both, you can safely use them simultaneously. According to the famous Entourage Effect theory, cannabis compounds work better as a group than alone, so you might drive better results.

Bunnies and CBD

The endocannabinoid system is universal to all mammals, meaning your pet bunny can also benefit from its healthy functioning.

Even though more research is necessary to determine the effects of hemp-derived cannabinoids on the functioning of the ECS system in rabbits, many breeders and rescues recommend giving CBD to rabbits to help a variety of medical problems.

Bunnies are incredibly delicate compared to other pets. They are prey animals, so they naturally are in a survival mode and alert for predators, even if it’s your neighbor’s harmless puppy. Many triggers can result in your bunny’s severe anxieties and seizures, and they can even die from extreme fear.

Half of human CBD consumers used CBD for relaxation, and 78.9% of them in the US CBD Insider 2019 Consumer report stated it was effective. The endocannabinoid system in animals is thought to have the same functions as humans — to keep the body balanced and plays a crucial role in many body responses like stress. While researchers are still unraveling CBD’s benefits for bunnies, many pet owners have jumped on the bandwagon of CBD enthusiasts and started using it to treat their rabbit’s seizures, painful joints, arthritis, and anxiety.

Why CBD?

It has not been long since CBD became a legal option for millions of American consumers, but it has already taken the stage in the wellness industry and become mainstream. Now you can find CBD in any store and every imaginable form.

CBD is many consumers’ favorite choice for three primary reasons:

  • It’s legal
  • It’s nonpsychoactive
  • May impact ECS system

Unlike its famous cousin cannabinoid THC in marijuana, CBD doesn’t have psychoactive properties and won’t cause your bunny to experience a wide range of adverse side effects.

Because anecdotal evidence suggests CBD can provide consumers with various health benefits, soon after the CBD craze began, it became available to pets. So now you can find CBD tinctures and treats explicitly designed for cats, dogs, rabbits, horses, and all kinds of animals.

Is CBD safe for Rabbits?

CBD is a safe and well-tolerated natural ingredient that you can give to any animal, including pet bunnies. CBD doesn’t cause adverse effects, and at worst, it might not relieve your bunny’s condition but doesn’t pose a risk of worsening any condition.

However, remember that not all CBD is of the same quality. Ensure you are acquiring a safe and effective product for your bunny. Shop from reputable CBD retailers that make information about their products available online, including the hemp they use. Shop for CBD from the U.S.-grown hemp, and check third-party lab test results that confirm there’re no harsh chemicals, pesticides, or residual solvents in the product.

Can a Veterinarian Prescribe CBD?

The law doesn’t allow vets to prescribe medical cannabis to animals – according to the Cannabis Act, cannabis for medical purposes applies only to human patients. CBD, although different from marijuana, isn’t a drug. So even if a vet thinks it can benefit your pet, they cannot prescribe CBD, even if they are willing to risk talking about it. As an owner, you’ll have to decide whether or not your pet should try CBD.

Find Correct Dosage Of CBD for Your Bunny

If you have decided your pet bunny needs CBD oil, you probably wonder how much you should give them. Unfortunately, there’s no universal dosage that will work for every bunny (or even every human), but typically owners can dose CBD by their pet’s weight.

The standard dosage of CBD for animals is 0.2 mg per pound, but it will vary across pets depending on individual factors. To determine what works for your bunny, start with small doses and if you don’t see improvement within a week, increase the amount.

Choose The Right Product

Usually, CBD for rabbits comes in tinctures that feature a dropper applicator allowing you to dose the amount of oil you give to your bunny. The easiest method to provide them with CBD is to mix the oil with their food. Some brands offer CBD gummies for rabbits that are delicious treats infused with CBD oil. However, they contain premeasured CBD amounts you cannot adjust. Thus, it’s better to start with CBD oils so you can carefully measure the dosage you give to your bunny.

In Conclusion

While CBD is no cure-for-all, and there’s still a lot to unravel about its benefits for rabbits, many owners have already hopped on the bandwagon of CBD enthusiasts. They took the risk of giving their beloved pet bunnies CBD oil, and some report reduced seizures and reduced anxiety. If you decide to join them and try CBD for your pet bunny, ensure to buy a high-quality product from a reliable CBD brand. Check third-party lab test results and see if it’s free from potentially harmful ingredients.

Supplements and focus

Are you struggling with a wandering mind? Do you find it challenging to concentrate on tasks and make decisions? Or perhaps you can’t find your car keys or even remember where you parked your car?

If you answered yes to all of the above, you must be looking for a solution. Although it’s common, being unable to concentrate can have undesirable consequences in every part of your life, including school, work, and relationships.

Having difficulty concentrating can be caused by numerous reasons, from feeling stressed to being in love, sleep-deprived, or chronic conditions like attention deficit hyperactivity disorder – ADHD.

As long as you aren’t dealing with a medical condition and severe attention deficit that needs medical treatment but instead are searching for ways to focus better to improve your quality of life, below are the best supplements to help.

Fish Oil

Fish oil is a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids crucial for healthy brain functioning and development. Some studies also indicate that fish oil might improve brain function in patients with memory problems, such as Alzheimer’s disease or other cognitive impairments. So supplying your body with fish oil means providing your brain with more omega-3 fatty acids and helping it function better.

Not many eat enough fish to acquire omega-3 fatty acids. Even though other foods like walnuts, soybeans, or chia seeds also provide omega-3 – alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), it’s different from the two types of fish oil features – EPA and DHA. Unfortunately, human bodies can’t only convert a small portion of ALA to EPA and DHA – an estimated 10%.

Taking fish oil supplements is the best way to experience the benefits of EPA and DHA for the brain, focus, and concentration, including:

  • Better brain functioning
  • Lower risk of developing ADHD (in children)
  • Easing hyperactivity
  • Focused attention
  • Less Impulsivity

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is unquestionably one of the best supplements to boost focus and concentration. Unfortunately, vitamin D deficiency is a common issue worldwide. It can cause various health problems, including brain fog – the most uncomfortable feeling of being spaced out and the inability to remain focused. When the lack of focus is due to vitamin D deficiency, vitamin D supplements will help alleviate unwanted symptoms like confusion and fatigue.

Moreover, vitamin D is crucial for healthy nerve function and the body’s overall health. Vitamin D supplements can improve energy, focus, and mood. A healthier brain and body also means better cognitive capabilities.


One of the most common reasons for decreased focus is inadequate sleep. More than 1 in 3 American adults get less than the recommended 7 hours of sleep per night.

Although sleep deprivation might be due to lifestyle habits, lack of time, work, or stress, most commonly, it’s due to melatonin deficiency.

Melatonin, famously known as the sleep hormone, is a crucial hormone our pineal gland produces at night in response to darkness. Many illnesses or lifestyle habits can be a reason to blame for melatonin deficiency, but sometimes the cause of lacking the hormone remains unclear. Finding melatonin supplements is easy online or even at the local supermarket. They can be effective in helping you achieve a better night’s sleep by promoting a quality uninterrupted sleep and allowing you to fall asleep faster. Because sleep deprivation can cause lower alertness and concentration, finding a sleep aid that works may help you stay more concentrated.


Vitamin B12 is vital for keeping the brain and nervous system healthy; it’s requisite for forming memories, focusing, and concentrating. Conversely, B12 deficiency is linked to depression, lack of energy, irritability, behavioral changes, and memory loss.

Although crucial, your body can’t make B12 independently and solely relies on external sources like food. Because vitamin B12 is primarily present in foods of animal origin, vegans, vegetarians, and those who don’t eat animal foods are at high risk of developing B12 deficiency.

Thanks to B12 supplements, the diet rich in B12 is no longer the only way to acquire enough of this nutrient. Now you can choose from B12 tablets, softgels, injections, or sublingual supplements to improve focus and keep your brain healthy.


CBD in recent years has gained such immense popularity it seems like CBD is everywhere you look. Although there’s a lack of evidence that CBD supplements can treat or prevent any medical conditions (with the only exception of Epidiolex), and there’s a long way to go until science further unravels its benefits for human health, that doesn’t stop millions of global consumers from taking CBD daily.

People take hemp-derived cannabidiol for numerous outcomes. The most common reason people take oral CBD supplements is for achieving relaxation. Nearly 80% of these consumers claim CBD helps them achieve their goals. If so, then CBD might help improve focus by reducing stress symptoms.

A small 2019 study also shows that CBD might reduce PTSD symptoms. In addition, other studies point to its possible benefits for those with social anxiety disorders. Thus, if PTSD symptoms or social anxiety are why you struggle with focus, then CBD could indirectly help with concentration.

In Summary

The supplement to help you focus better will significantly depend on the reason behind trouble concentrating. However, the supplements listed above are safe, well-tolerated, and crucial for a healthy body and mind.
If your diet lacks nutrients like B12 or omega fatty acids, you can use their supplements to supply your body with enough of these beneficial ingredients. If you lack vitamin D due to a specific medical condition or lack of sunshine and its deficiency interferes with your ability to focus, you can try Vitamin D supplements. When sleep deprivation is the reason for decreased focus, melatonin supplements are best to promote better sleep and improve focus. Finally, you can try CBD – a non-psychoactive, federally legal cannabinoid derived from hemp. It’s a popular wellness solution that might indirectly affect your ability to focus through interaction with the endocannabinoid system.

CBD sounds like a promising natural substance, especially with the rising number of CBD enthusiasts spreading the word about its numerous benefits for the body and mind.

If you type “can CBD help with” on Google, you’ll see a pretty wide variety of questions people have already asked the mighty search engine, including whether or not it can help with anger management.

Are you struggling with anger?

Sure, we all feel angry from time to time, and it’s a normal human emotion in response to triggers. Still, like any other emotion, it can get out of control and lead to problems in your daily life, relationships, and work. When dealing with anger issues, you might feel that you have no control over your emotions and are at the mercy of an unpredictable rage attack.

Common signs of anger management issues include:

  • Feeling out of control
  • Stress
  • Rage
  • Anxiety
  • Guilt
  • Self-hatred
  • Racing thoughts
  • Increased heartbeat
  • Unhappiness
  • Intense anger
  • Feeling agitated
  • Frequent anger

Frequent uncontrollable anger can take a severe toll on your mental and physical health. In addition, anger issues can lead to various unwanted consequences and isolation.

The typical way people express their anger is aggressive verbal or physical behavior, but until your anger transforms into physical reality, whether with words you say or actions you take, there are a series of events in your body. For example, your heartbeat increases, your muscles become tense, and you might even feel pain. And even before these occur, your anger begins in your brain; the amygdala triggers anger by stimulating the hypothalamus, as it does in the fear response.

Is there an effective way to prevent anger from making its way through your body and then to physical reality? And most importantly, can a famous non-psychoactive cannabinoid like CBD help manage anger? Let’s find out!

What is Cannabidiol (CBD)?

CBD, short for cannabidiol, is a natural cannabis ingredient – cannabinoid millions of Americans have already tried and added to their routines.
CBD derives from a non-psychoactive cannabis plant – hemp. It is federally legal, unlike its cousin marijuana per the 2018 Farm Bill. CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid, meaning it won’t get you high or cause euphoric feelings.

CBD and Endocannabinoid System (ECS)

CBD produces various outcomes across consumers, but it delivers its effects through the system we all have in common, and that’s the endocannabinoid system (ECS).

The newly discovered system (1988) plays a pivotal role in many bodily processes, including homeostasis – the body’s internal balance.

Endogenous and plant-based cannabinoids bind to ECS receptors to control many behavioral functions, including aggression. Most studies have concluded that marijuana’s psychoactive ingredient THC in acute doses tends to dampen rather than provoke aggression. However, it also causes numerous unwanted side effects and remains an illegal substance on the federal level.

On the other hand, CBD doesn’t cause these side effects and is federally legal when hemp-derived and containing up to 0.3% THC. Unfortunately, there’s limited research on CBD and its effects on behavioral functions, so there’s no evidence it can directly reduce aggression or help with anger management.

CBD Consumer’s Report

While science has not yet unrevealed CBD’s potential to help manage anger, millions of people in the U.S. have already tried CBD. According to the CBD Insider 2019 U.S. CBD consumer report, 50% of surveyed CBD consumers took CBD for relaxation.

Nearly four in five (78.9%) of these consumers said CBD was effective for relaxation.

People with anger issues have trouble relaxing during episodes of anger. If CBD helps them relax, as it did for 78.9% of consumers mentioned above, CBD could indirectly help them manage anger. Moreover, 38.8% of consumers reported taking CBD for sleep, and 76.8% said it was effective. Studies indicate the link between sleep deprivation and mood changes such as increased anger and aggression. People who get enough sleep each night exhibit fewer emotional outbursts, such as anger, and display fewer aggressive behaviors. Therefore, if CBD helps those with anger issues get adequate sleep, it could help them manage their anger better.

Can CBD Help Manage Anger?

Although there’s a long way until CBD supplements are marketed as a remedy for any mood disorders or anger issues, and it’s likely to take decades for science to unravel all the possible effects of CBD, you may still want to give it a try.

While there’s no guarantee CBD will help, as stated above, it can indirectly affect anger management issues by possibly reducing other factors such as stress and helping you get adequate sleep.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), CBD is safe and well-tolerated in humans and is not associated with negative public health effects. The best way to see if it can help is to try one of the available CBD supplements in the form of sublingual tinctures, oral supplements, or edibles.

Keep in mind that the increased demand for CBD resulted in an overcrowded CBD market with many unreliable brands that cut corners in the production. Always shop for third-party lab-tested products to ensure their safety and quality. Start with small doses (<10mg) and slowly increase the intake as needed.

CBD protein drink

You would love to go to the gym right now. You really would. You dream of the day you get to step through those doors again, and your workout outfit still hangs on the most prominent coat hanger in your closet. It has become almost like a good luck charm or an aspirational outfit. But, whether it’s current events or personal life events, you haven’t had a chance to get back in the gym.

It’s time to get used to the idea of having a home gym setup. It might be a good idea anyway, to save money and provide you with a more well-rounded exercise routine. It’s time to get serious and start doing some indoor workouts!

Leg and Arm Stretches

But hold on just a minute there, Champ. If you haven’t been working out as much recently, then it’s more important than ever that you give yourself some warm-ups. You need something to get the blood back in your muscles and the movement back in your joints. So let’s start with a few stretches.

Arm stretches are pretty simple. First, take one arm and extend it far in front of you. Then, with the other hand, grab the elbow and pull that arm (still extended straight) towards your chest. Hold it there for a few seconds, but preferably more than five or ten. Then do the same to the other arm, and repeat as often as you deem necessary.

There are also a few leg stretches that you can perform. The simplest one is done while standing. While leaning against a wall, take one leg and extend it behind you. Then, with the hand on the same side of your body, take your ankle, hold your foot up to your backside, and hold it there for a few seconds. Then, repeat for the other leg. You can also do yoga stretches. Sit on the floor with your legs stretched out, then lean over to grab your foot with both hands and hold for a few seconds. Of course, you then repeat the stretch with the other foot.

Simple Exercises

For cardio, jogging in place is always a good place to start. Although, without the ambiance of everyone working out around you, it might be difficult to set a pace. This is why we recommend playing some high-tempo music to keep yourself in the spirit of the workout (one of the advantages of staying inside).

If you have a punching bag, now is the time to use it. Practice doing some light jabs, cuts, maybe get a little fancy with it, and try some kicks. Pushups and situps are classic options, too, made even better if you’ve got a yoga mat on hand.

If you haven’t gotten enough stretching in your exercise diet, then there’s a plethora of yoga poses you can perform at home. First, you can do the Sun Salutation, a basic stretch high up towards the ceiling, then come down to touch your toes. Next, you can do the Downward-Facing Dog, which is placing your hands and feet onto the floor and bending upwards to form as perfect a triangle as you can.

Hopefully, all of these suggestions have given you a good jumping-off point to begin your indoor exercising routine, but that isn’t quite enough for a holistic workout. This isn’t just about making your muscles move and getting your blood pumping; it’s about the fuel that makes the muscles go in the first place! Sure, we could talk about diets and all of that fun stuff, but there’s a third element to all of this: support.

CBD Enhancement

How exactly can CBD and CBD-based products help to get the most out of your workout routine? Well, on a base level, taking CBD orally can help regulate systems in your body, such as oxygen diffusion and blood flow, which have obvious benefits when you’re doing anything physical. Aside from that, the mental benefits (relaxed mood, balanced thinking, etc.) CBD can also hugely impact physical performance. The body and mind are one.

But CBD topicals are another matter entirely. CBD balms have been shown to benefit muscle and joint aches. Lotions, topical creams, and these have a significant and noticeable soothing effect on problem areas of the body!

So the next time that you’re getting your sweat gear on, ready to run up and down some steps, make sure that you’ve got some CBD on hand to help you on your way.

CBD and Super Foods

If you’re trying to get a jump start on that New Year’s resolution to start eating healthier, then you may be thinking that including more healthy foods in your holiday buffet offerings. We applaud your enthusiasm and that you are taking on such a challenge in a season garnished with pastries. To help you along, here are some superfoods you can include or substitute in your holiday recipes and ideas on how to make them better with CBD.

So why add CBD to your holiday superfood recipes? While there is some controversy as to whether CBD can be considered a superfood or not, CBD has been established as helping your body maintain a holistic state and manage basic functions more efficiently.

12: Leafy Greens and Olive Oil

Leafy greens and olive oil are both considered superfoods. So by combining them in a salad, you are getting a great one-two punch from those anti-oxidants. We suggest mixing up an olive oil-based dressing with lots of herbs and spices and a few milliliters of CBD.

11. Cruciferous Vegetables

We’ve got to get those veggies in. So whether you are a fan of collard greens, mustard greens, broccoli, or brussels sprouts, you are right in the superfood sweet spot. You can toss your greens with a little CBD or add CBD to olive oil or butter to brush over your broccoli or brussels sprouts.

10: Glazed Nuts

Take a little honey and mix some CBD into it. Next, coat your choice of nuts with the honey/CBD glaze and place them on a baking sheet. Throw them on the top rack of the oven at 350 degrees for about 5 minutes, and voila! CBD and honey-glazed nuts.

9: Cranberry Sauce

Most all berries are great superfoods, and cranberries are among the best. The non-jelly cranberry sauce is needed here, or you can make your own. Simply add a few milliliters of CBD to the sauce and mix.

8: Stuffing

To make a stuffing that is considered a superfood, you’re going to need to make it with whole-grain bread. There are many homemade stuffing recipes out there. Just substitute regular bread for wholegrain bread and add CBD to the broth before you soak the bread in it to create the stuffing.

7: Hot Chocolate

Yes, you can make hot chocolate a superfood, but you have to use dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate or any other form. Slowly melt the chocolate in hot milk while stirring, and add a few drops of CBD once you’ve created your creamy treat.

6: Tomatoes

Tomatoes are a great superfood because they are so versatile. So whether you’re going with an Italian holiday theme with lots of tomato sauces or just warming up with a bowl of tomato soup, don’t forget to add some CBD to the mix.

5: Cake

Yes, you can even make the Christmas cake into a superfood masterpiece. There are plenty of cakes and other delightful recipes out there. Just substitute whole grain flour instead of bleached flour, and be sure to add CBD to the icing.

4: Salmon

For your guests who are getting sick of ham and turkey, salmon is a welcome alternative. We suggest adding CBD to an olive oil and rosemary mixture that you brush the salmon with before baking.

3: Yogurt and Berries

This one is another double whammy as both berries and yogurt are superfoods. You can create some eyecatching yogurt and berry combinations in a glass or just throw them together for the perfect smoothie. In either case, be sure to add CBD to the yogurt before blending.

2: Coffee

Yes, coffee is one of those foods that is surprising to discover that it’s a superfood. By adding CBD to your coffee, you will find that you don’t get the jitters after that second cup the way you used to. There’s even CBD-infused coffee available to make the combo even easier.

1: Sweet Potatoes

A holiday staple, sweet potatoes are also a great superfood. Add CBD to the glaze before brushing across diced sweet potatoes, or add a little to your creamed sweet potatoes directly before serving.

Yeah, the holidays are cool and all. But what if we included CBD in our festivities? You can include all the wellness benefits of your favorite hemp product in every holiday activity this year. Whatever your reasons for wanting a bit more hemp-derived CBD goodness infused into the season, there are many, many ways that you can do it. What follows is certainly a non-exhaustive list of a few of those ways!

CBD-Infused Coffee Grounds

You’ve just woken up on Christmas morning. How exciting! Now, you would go for a nice hot cup of coffee at this point, but you also want to feel the benefits of CBD. So you might be stuck adding an oily tincture to your coffee unless, of course, you’ve purchased some coffee grounds with CBD in them!

Yes, this is a thing. And apparently, one of the nice side effects is that they can prevent the coffee jitters. So this is a good first step towards a CBD-filled Holiday, huh?

CBD Peppermint

Oh yeah, now we’re talking. So now we’re getting somewhere.

Yes, they sell peppermint candies that are laced with CBD. Pretty great, right? Imagine having a whole bowl full of the things out on the kitchen counter, ready to go for when you just need a little lift along with that unmistakable wintery flavor? Nice.

CBD Bath Bomb

Yes. Yes, you read that right.

Come with us once again into another mental image. You’re looking to relax and enjoy yourself — maybe have some nice holiday music playing on your phone and the ambiance of candles and a nice hot bath. But you know what would really complete the package? If there was CBD in the water.

Sparkling Water with CBD

This might not be the most appealing option for those who think sparkling water is some kind of weird, awkward fence-straddling on the part of people who can’t quite give up soda — but it’s there! If, however, you can’t get enough of the stuff, then this is a perfect opportunity! Sparkling water with CBD will bring a smile to your face as bubbles tickle your nose, while the hemp-derived CBD balances your mood and relaxes your senses.

Peppermint-Flavored CBD Oil

Maybe you’d prefer taking your CBD the old-fashioned way? Well, no need to fret there, champ, because the old-fashioned way can also taste and feel like a Merry Christmas!

Plus, this is not just the usual hold-under-the-tongue type of oil, either. You can also find CBD juice drops. You know, those little tubes of flavor people sometimes use to flavor up their water a bit. So you can get your CBD juice drops and add some pepperminty CBD goodness to a drink of your choice! Warm or cold, the possibilities are endless.

CBD Salve

Has putting up the tree, the lights, and moving all those presents around got your joints and muscles feeling the strain? Well, then what you need is some CBD salve. The premium salves come with all-natural ingredients like beeswax, essential oils, and menthol to go to work right on your problem areas. But, of course, CBD salve also makes a great gift if you’ve got someone on your list who suffers from consistent strain and discomfort due to exercise or age.

CBD Edible Gummies

There is nothing like the fun of a tasty gummy candy, especially during the holidays. And what if those fun treats were also infused with CBD? Well, you can stop wishing because they are here!

If you do a little shopping, you will find that your premium quality retailers have an unbelievable selection of CBD gummies in all different strengths and all kinds of shapes in flavors. You’ll find CBD gummy bears, watermelon wedges, peach rings, and even worms. That’s right, CBD-infused gummy worms! Talk about your stocking stuffers!

You can even find some CBD gummies that include other ingredients like melatonin for a good night’s sleep or curcumin to aid in joint support. And if you are a vegan, no problem. Many of these outlets have all-natural vegan options just for you!

So there you have it—lots of great ways to slip all the goodness of CBD into your holiday festivities. Now enjoy yourself!

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In recent years, CBD has been used to treat everything from migraines to chronic pain to insomnia to depression and anxiety. Often hailed as a safe, all-natural alternative to pharmaceutical remedies, CBD oil offers the benefits of prescription medication without the harmful side effects. It’s affordable, available just about everywhere, and can be ordered online with just a few clicks of a button. As human usage of CBD oil has skyrocketed, many have started to wonder: can CBD be used to treat my pets and their ailments? Or is this another treat that’s reserved only for humans, like chocolate and cookie dough?

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Full-spectrum versus isolate. Hemp versus marijuana. Cannabis versus cannabinoids. CBD versus THC. What do all these words even mean?

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