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Become a S.T.E.M. Mentor

Share. Become a S.T.E.M. Mentor


Who will I be partnered with?

That depends on you. We will pair you with a student that has an interest in your area of S.T.E.M. Through your year-long mentorship, you'll have the ability to impact a student's life by supporting their dreams and opening doors to various possibilities the mentee may or may not have considered.



What will I do?

As a mentor, you will participate in weekly communication (face-to-face or email) and monthly face-to-face mentoring events such as trivia nights and M&M events that are sometimes out of this world such as our yearly simulated NASA mission to the moon. If this sounds exciting to you, please fill out the application on the back of this sheet and get started today. The kids will be excited to know that another experienced S.T.E.M. professional has joined the organization.


Make a Difference Today!

Are you ready to get started? Great! You'll be amazed at all the fun you're going to have. We provide two options
to register. You can apply online or download the application and send it back to us.


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