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CBD for Bunnies: Dosage & Tips

The endocannabinoid system is universal to all mammals, meaning your pet bunny can also benefit from its healthy functioning. Even though more research is necessary to determine the effects of hemp-derived cannabinoids on the functioning of the ECS system in rabbits, many breeders and rescues recommend giving CBD to rabbits to help a variety of […]

How to Find a Therapist That’s Right for You

Deciding to go to therapy is already a huge step towards better mental health and high quality of life. However, finding the right therapist can get challenging and requires much more than a simple online search. Why is Finding the Right Therapist Crucial? Therapy is an excellent way to cope with mental health disorders, stress, […]

How to Have a Social Life Without Alcohol

Socializing isn’t only margaritas and mimosas, and even though many like to drink when going out, it’s becoming more common to have a busy social life without alcohol. Many people like to socialize without drinking alcohol either because they recently quit and want to stay sober or because they aren’t a big fan of drinking. […]

Can CBD Help with Anger Management?

CBD sounds like a promising natural substance, especially with the rising number of CBD enthusiasts spreading the word about its numerous benefits for the body and mind. If you type “can CBD help with” on Google, you’ll see a pretty wide variety of questions people have already asked the mighty search engine, including whether or […]

Adding CBD to Your Favorite Meals

You’ve got that bottle of CBD oil just sitting there, right on the shelf that you always grab stuff from, every day on the dot. Yet, for some unknowable reason, you haven’t been taking your oil like you want to. It’s okay! We’ve all been there. Creating new habits for ourselves has always been a […]